My Christmas Gift is S$100. What is Yours?

Time really flies and next week is already Christmas. While we prepare to celebrate the festive season, we must not forget about those in need and cannot afford a celebration.

Last year, I pledge to contribute back to the society while I strive hard, blog and invest for my retirement.

My Christmas Gift is a donation of $100 to Touch Community which is the second donation I made this year. Money is not necessary the best kind of contribution back to the society but given my busy work schedule, I guess this is the best I can do now.

TOUCH Community Services is a not-for-profit charity organisation in Singapore. They are a multi-service organisation providing services to meet various levels of needs in the community.

What is your Christmas Gift to those with special needs?

My Sweet Retirement Donates to Hair For Hope 2019

Half of the year 2019 has gone by. One of the goals I have set for myself for 2019 is to contribute back to the society and this is something I have not forgotten. I was inspired by The Fifth Person when I attended their Alpha Summit earlier this year.

I have made a donation of S$200 to the Children’s Cancer Foundation. The amount may not seem a lot but I hope it does make a difference. In fact, the contribution comes from my Adsense earnings from My Sweet Retirement website. The purpose of starting this website is not to earn extra pocket money from it but to improve my stock analysis and picking skills, learn from other financial bloggers through sharing and hopefully to achieve My Sweet Retirement.

In the pursue of financial freedom, we must also not forget how lucky we are as compared to some who are unfortunate!