Only Allocated Fifty Percent of Astrea V Bonds

This is just an update to Astrea V Bonds. The IPO application results of Astrea V Bonds caught me by surprise. In my previous post ( Astrea V 3.85% Class A-1 Secured Bonds ), I read that all applications of less than S$50,000 will be allocated in full or in part. However that was not the case. My wife only got 50% of what she applied.

Below is a summary of the Astrea V Bonds application results.

  • Retail offer of S$180 million Class A-1 Bonds 4.5 times subscribed. Nearly S$820 million received from 30,816 valid applicants.
  • 75% of bonds allocated to all valid applications of less than S$50,000. Each valid applicant of less than S$50,000 received some allocation.
  • Applicants who applied for S$50,000 or more were balloted. Successful balloted applications were allocated in part.
  • Overall issuance of Astrea V Private Equity (“PE”) Bonds 6.7 times subscribed. Total subscription of US$4.0 billion across all three classes of bonds.

Astrea V 3.85% Class A-1 Secured Bonds

The IPO of Astrea V 3.85% Class A-1 Secured Bonds is probably the hottest talk among financial bloggers recently. I am not an expert into bonds and thus am unable to provide any analysis on whether on not you should apply for Astrea V Class A-1 Secured Bonds. Unlike the T2023 Temasek Bond which is guaranteed by Temasek, The bonds are not guaranteed by any entity, including Temasek.

Here are some basic information should you be interested to apply for the bond.

  • Principal Amount: S$315 million
  • Interest Rate:  3.85%
  • Application Start Date/Time: 12 June 2019, 9am
  • Application Close Date/Time: 18 June 2019, 12pm
  • Issuance of Bonds: 20 June 2019
  • Maturity Date: 10 years

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