Summary of September 2019 Transactions

This month, OUE Hospitality Trust has disappeared from my stock portfolio due to its merger with OUE Commercial Reit. After the merger, OUE Commercial Reit makes up 3% of my stock portfolio. I am not sure if there is anything to applaud with regards to the merger as I am not familiar with OUE Commercial Reit. For now, I am not doing anything until I find time to look into the assets of OUE Commercial Reit.

I know there is a hype about the IPO of LendLease Commercial Reit recently. The IPO ends today and I am giving it a miss after much consideration. There is only two assets in its portfolio which is 313 Somerset and Sky Complex. There is a possibility the manager will inject more properties into this Reit in the future such as Parkway Parade or Paya Lebar Quarters. For now, I am keeping watch on this Reit as the concentration is mostly on 313 Somerset.

I continued my monthly screening for dividend stocks using Stocks Café and did one personal analysis of Haw Par Corporation Limited. Haw Par did not qualify my criteria of a dividend stock as the dividend yield is too low. Hopefully I am able to find a good dividend yielding company over the next few months.

One good news I received is the proposed acquisition of Mapletree Business City Phase II by Mapletree Commercial Trust. There will be a boost of dividends if the acquisition manages to go through.

That is all the updates that I have!

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