Summary of November 2017 Transactions

This month, there is some major changes to my stock portfolio. If you have noticed, I have fully divested Soilbuild Business Space REIT (Goodbye SoilBuild Business Space REIT). With the cash from the divestment, I have increased my stake in CapitaMall Trust and Mapletree Commercial Trust (Why I Bought Into Mapletree Commercial Trust).

A few readers wrote in to ask why I bought the above two REITs which are considered selling at a premium right now? Basically, I am satisfied with the current yield the two REITs are paying. By increasing my units of holding, I am expecting to receive more distribution payout in the year 2018. Well, that is my plan.

I have also done a recent computation of my cash holdings versus my total stock investments. I am 75% invested and holding 25% cash which is sitting in my savings bank account earning petite interest rates. The cash I am holding should suffice if I need to book a sudden holiday or purchase some gifts for upcoming festive holidays. Moreover, in the month of December, I am looking forward to receive my Annual Wage Supplement.

Here is my wife’s stock portfolio. If you noticed, I have added SBS Transit to her stock portfolio. If you didn’t know, SBS Transit operates buses and the downtown line in Singapore. I like the Bus Contracting Model where they operate as service providers. Such a business model is asset light.


Revenue from Public Transport Services of $280.5m for 3Q17 was higher by 8.3% or $21.6m compared to $258.9m for 3Q16 due mainly to contribution from bus services with the transition to the Bus Contracting Model (BCM).

Downtown Line

For 3Q17, average daily ridership for the Downtown Line (DTL) grew by 10.2% to 258k passenger trips. Average daily ridership for North-East Line grew by 1.3% to 585k passenger trips and that for the Light Rail Transit by 3.5% to 122k passenger trips as compared to that of 3Q16.

Last but not least, I wish to say “Thank you” to my readers of this blog and also to members of Investing Note who has helped promote my blog. I hope my personal blog posts have benefit you in some way.


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