Summary of June 2019 Transactions

This is my favorite month of the year. Earlier this month, I took a short break from work and went on a short vacation to Bangkok. Things seems to be getting slightly expensive in Bangkok as compared to a few years ago. However, I still managed to get a few good deals from Bangkok’s Chatuchak weekend market.

This month, both my wife and myself have received our performance bonus from my company. While others spent their bonus monies on new clothes, branded bags or reward themselves with an expensive overseas trip, I spent my bonus on shopping for dividend stocks. My wife have applied for Astrea V Bonds and gotten a fifty percent allocation while I finally added SPH Reit to my stock portfolio. SPH REIT currently makes up 11% of my stock portfolio. With the recent price run up of most Singapore REITs, it is really tough to find one that give you 5% to 6% returns a year.

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As you can see from the chart above, Singapore Savings Bonds continue to be my largest portion of my entire stock portfolio. While others do not consider Singapore Savings Bonds as an emergency fund, I consider it to be my emergency fund in event I get retrenched from my current company.

I classify the stocks according to a few industries for the purpose of not being too overweight into a certain industry. The reason is that we all know industry is cyclical. Overall industry allocation looks pretty balanced except that I notice that I am slightly under weight on Office Reits. Currently, Office Reits make up only 2% of my stock portfolio. I wanted to add more of Frasers Commercial Trust to my stock portfolio but the stock price has gone up significantly when the news of Google Asia Pacific lease at Alexandra Technopark broke loose. I shall continue to keep a lookout.

Lastly, above is my wife’s stock portfolio. She need to buck up on her Singapore Savings Bonds allocation as it current makes up only 5% of her stock portfolio. I was hoping the stock price of Starhill Global Reit to run up when the Toshin master rent gets reviewed. However, Starhill Global REIT Decides Not To Increase Toshin New Base Rent. I wonder what can be the next catalyst for Starhill Global REIT? Meanwhile, I guess she can only keep calm and continue to collect dividends.

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