Summary of June 2016 Transactions


As I was away for almost two weeks for my holiday in Taiwan, I made no purchases this month. Majority of the stocks I held paid out the dividends this month. When everyone thought that the market was recovering, the sudden news of “Brexit” came and stock prices came plunging down.

A few stocks in my portfolio held the fort well. Those stocks are Sheng Siong, The Hour Glass, Parkway Life Reit, Suntec Reit and Keppel Reit. Other stocks in my portfolio didn’t seem to have any direct business in Britain but I did notice they fell by around 2 to 3% after the votes concluded the depart of the UK from the European Union.

Another piece of news I read about was that the 4th Telco may not actualize due to the lack of funding. The news did not have much impact on Starhub and M1 in my portfolio. The stock prices of these two Telcos still seem depressed. I will continue to hold them and wait for their glory days back.

I gotten news of my bonus payout this month and shall prudently invest them for my retirement returns!


  1. Solid holdings there which prove to be recession proof companies. And good that you enjoyed your taiwan break without having to transact anything into the market.

    I hope i can do the same too in Jul ;)

  2. Amongst your portfolio, probably only ComfortDelgro is fundamentally and significantly impacted?

    Think stocks like Kingsmen took a big fall but have already recovered though. The rest should follow in due time! The telco stocks should also get a big boost if the 4th telco really screws up. All in all, actually not that bad a month despite Brexit for you, no?

    1. Hi Daniel, most likely the brexit impact may not be felt instantly. Yes, among my stocks, ComfortDelgro did felt the pressure. However I am still holding it in the long term. Britains still need to take transport regardless of crisis right? For telco stocks, I am waiting for the confirmation of retreat for the 4th Telco. I am thinking the 4th Telco may seek crowd funding.

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