Summary of January 2020 Transactions

We started the first month of the year 2020 with the Wuhan Virus. With the recent outbreak, many stocks have been sold down due to investors panic. Two REITs that I have noticed with properties in China are CapitaLand Retail China Trust and Sasseur REIT. (Read more: CapitaLand Retail China Trust and Sasseur REIT Closes Malls Due to Wuhan Virus)

I have not found any good picks yet. In fact, I am looking at Frasers Commercial Trust but the stock price has not yet came down to a satisfactory level that I will add more of it to my stock portfolio. In times like this, I think investors with a ready war chest will grab the opportunity to buy quality good stocks are cheaper prices.

I continue to purchase Singapore Savings Bonds even though the interest rate has came down. One of my goal for 2020 is to purchase 8K worth of Singapore Savings Bonds.

I have started my fitness routine however this was disrupted by a sudden flu followed by high fever earlier this month. I am glad I recovered before Chinese New Year. In the month of January, I managed to stretch myself to run a total of 40.49km. This is slightly more than my target of 25KM per month.

With the outbreak of Wuhan virus, Health is also Wealth. Don’t you agree?

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