Summary of February 2017 Transactions

In the month of February 2017, I made two sell transactions. I have divested Far East Hospitality Trust and NeraTel. You can read more on Far East Hospitality Trust at Far East Hospitality Trust Undervalued or Value Trap?  and NeraTel at NeraTel – An Abandoned Child.

There are a few stocks in my watch list such as Acromec, ISOTeam, Hock Lian Seng, Tai Sin Electric and many more but I shall not be investing in them now with the cash gotten from the sale of Far East Hospitality Trust and NeraTel. The reason is I need more time to do more research and analysis. After a year on, I am still sticking to investing for dividends. If the stock is a growth stock, it will be a plus.

After the sale of Far East Hospitality Trust and NeraTel, above is the breakdown by sector of the stocks I am holding. I remain overweight on the Engineering sector and you can guess that ST Engineering is the largest holding in my stock portfolio. The recent stellar results of ST Engineering send the stock price higher and I am happy that I done my research and invested when price of ST Engineering was on the downtrend last year.

I am pretty keen to add more of retail REITs  and office REITs which forms 11% and 7% of my stock portfolio. I am not satisfied with Keppel REIT’s performance and distribution yield as I believe its Grade A office prime assets can do better. Keppel REIT paid a total of 6.37 cents in FY16 and Frasers Commercial Trust which has Grade B office assets paid a total of 9.82 cents in FY16. Keppel REIT is not doing investors justice! I shall be monitoring the lease renewal of HP for Frasers Commercial Trust and if opportunity arises, I will add more of Frasers Commercial Trust.

Although retails REITs are a bit beaten down due to the Fed interest rate hike and headwinds in tourism, I remain pretty confident of CapitaMall Trust and Mapletree Commercial Trust which owns Vivo City. I may add Frasers Centrepoint Trust or more of CapitaMall Trust to my stock portfolio if opportunity arises.

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