Summary of August 2016 Transactions


My stock portfolio remains unchanged for the month of August 2016. Although tourist arrivals have increased but results have been disappointing from hospitality and retail REITs like Far East Hospitality Trust, OUE HTrust, CapitaMall Trust and Suntec REIT.

I am very disappointed with Far East Hospitality Trust as the stock price has been on a downtrend since IPO. Besides emphasizing on Asset Enhancement Initiatives (AEI) in their presentation slides, nothing was mentioned to boost the performance of the Trust has been mentioned. The management has always been on a passive approach in managing its assets.

With regards to OUE HTrust, I have to hold till the Changi Airport Jewel Project is complete before value is unlock. As of current, stock price remains depressed.

With the completion of Suntec Asset Enhancement Initiative (AEI) works, I do hope retail sales to pick up. I am not too sure if Pokemon craze will improve tenant sales at Suntec as the Fountain of Wealth is a Pokemon Gym. Suntec City shopping mall has also launched its loyalty reward programs where you can earn reward points for spending at Suntec City shopping mall.

This month, I am happy to collect dividend payouts from the stocks and REITs I am holding while the stock market remains depressed.


My wife should be pretty happy as well as she collects the dividend payout from Parkway Life REIT, Starhill Global REIT and ST Engineering!

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