ST Engineering Announces Final Dividend of 10 cents

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ST Engineering announces its financial year 2015 results on 26th February 2016. Revenue fell slightly by 3% from 6,539 million to 6,335 million dollars. Earnings per share fell slightly from 17.06 cents to 17.05 cents.

With the announcement of final dividend of 10 cents, this brings the total dividend for FY15 to 15 cents which is the same as FY14. Personally, I felt the results are pretty good given the weakness in the Marine sector. Currently, ST Engineering is the largest percentage holding in my portfolio by invested amount.

Financial Results FY2015

For the year ended 31 December 2015FY15FY14Growth %
Revenue ($m)6,3356,539(3)
Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) ($m)510.3555.0(8)
Other income, net ($m)55.540.238
Finance income/ (costs), net ($m)6.2(1.7)479
Profit before tax (PBT) ($m)630.3650.7(3)
Profit attributable to shareholders ($m)529.0532.0(1)
Earnings per share (cents)17.0517.06
Economic value added (EVA) ($m)366.2344.56
Return on equity (%)24.824.9NM
Dividend per share (cents)15.015.0
Interim – Ordinary5.04.0


Revenue for ST Engineering comes mainly from 4 segments. They are Aerospace, Electronics, Land Systems and Marine. A small percentage comes from others. The electronics segment did well. Given the current market weakness in Marine, you can see the revenue from its Marine segment fell significantly by 29%.

$mFY2015%FY2014%Change %
Land Systems1,396221,39721


At the average share price of $3.21 and total dividends of 15 cents, the dividend yield is at 4.68%. Do note that dividend yield for you may be different depending on the price you buy the stock at. (Dividend yield = Total Dividends/Share Price Bought)

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