Sixty Five Percent Invested, Thirty Five Percent Cash

As the old saying goes, “Cash is King”. My cash on hand got a boost this month as I receive my company’s performance bonus. In the same month, I have received the payout from the sale of AusNetServices due to the sale of my share via the share sale facility. Today, I have received the notification letter from SGX with regards to the sale of my shares. My AusNetServices shares were sold at S$1.58 and I am pretty happy as the price sold was better than expected. Total gains together with dividends collected as over a hundred percent.

My cash on hand is thirty five percent as compared to my total investments which stood at sixty five percent. Given the recent instability of the stock market (nearly into bull market), I shall be monitoring and investing prudently. My personal habit is to set aside cash for basic necessities (E.g Kid’s tuition fees, debts) and invest with monies I can afford to be locked down in investments.

Most stocks such as Singtel which I added to my spouse’s stock portfolio recently took a plunge. I am keeping calm and collect dividends. This is a typically scenario whereby if you sell the stock now, you end up with a loss.

Below are the stocks I am watching closely. I am considering to increase my holdings if the price is right

One thought to “Sixty Five Percent Invested, Thirty Five Percent Cash”

  1. Hi,

    “This is a typically scenario whereby if you sell the stock now, you end up with a loss.”

    You already have a loss. The question you need to ask as a mature investor is,

    “Would I invest the realisable capital in Singtel now, or would I prefer to do something else with it?”

    Or, rephrased

    “If I had that amount of liquid cash, would I buy Singtel at the current price?”

    If you cannot immediately answer “yes” then you need to look at your investment thesis in Singtel and ask yourself if you have become emotionally involved.

    Investment shoud never, ever, be an emotionally based acitivity.

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