Singlife Grow Investment Linked Plan

Singlife Grow is a newly launched product (investment-linked plan) that is available via the Singlife App. The aim is to allow you to invest and insure directly on your Singlife App.

If you have followed my blog, you will know that I stash away my spare cash into the Singlife account for the higher return of 2.0% p.a. as compared to traditional saving accounts or fixed deposits.

Singlife has taken the money management game further with Grow.

What is Grow?

Singlife has teamed up with Aberdeen Standard Investments to introduce a investment-linked plan (ILP) called Grow. 3 discretionary managed model portfolios (Conservative, Balanced and Dynamic) are offered under the plan for customers with different risk profiles.

As you can see below, the risk profile is based on the percentage allocation of Equities versus Fixed Income. By the nature of the financial instrument, Equities are riskier than Fixed Income (bonds and short term bank deposits).

Singlife Grow

Since what you are buying into are actually funds, you will be able to find under each fund:

  • The Fund Fact Sheet
  • Product Highlight Sheet
  • Prospectus

Below are the composition of the funds under each underlying portfolio.

Conservative (19.91% Equities, 80.09% Fixed Income)

Singlife Grow Conservative Funds

Balanced (49.93% Equities, 50.07% Fixed Income)

Singlife Grow Balanced Funds

Dynamic (79.95% Equities, 20.05% Fixed Income)

Singlife Grow Dynamic Funds

What Are The Benefits of Singlife Grow?

Quick start

Start from a low initial premium of S$1,000. You can make a hassle-free payment via your Singlife Account.

Managed by experts

Curated investments by a team of professionals from Aberdeen Standard Investments.

No lock-in period

Make a withdrawal anytime without charges.

Simplified charge

Only a management charge of 0.25% on your account value every quarter. No sales charge, transaction fee, withdrawal fee or any other charges.

Investment that protects

Get insurance protection. The death benefit will be the higher of:

  • 101% of net premiums; or
  • Account value


Singlife really makes it easy for one to start investing with their mobile app. The below table sums it up.

Plan Conservative Balanced Dynamic
Risk Low Medium High
Equities versus Fixed Income % 19.91% Equities, 80.09% Fixed Income 49.93% Equities, 50.07% Fixed Income 79.95% Equities, 20.05% Fixed Income
  • You are just starting your journey with investing.
  • You prefer taking on less risk.
  • You are comfortable with lower returns.
  • You have a moderate risk tolerance.
  • You seek a modest return on your investment.
  • You are comfortable with some volatility in return for a potentially higher investment performance.
  • You have a high risk tolerance.
  • You are comfortable with managing significant fluctuations with your investments, in return for potentially higher returns over the long term.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and solely the author’s opinion.

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