Screening For Dividend Stocks Using Yahoo Finance Stock Screener

Previously, I have reviewed on FSMOne stock screener and Stocks Café Stock Screener which is the one that I am using currently. There is no right or wrong on which stock screener that you choose. I have chose Stocks Café stock screener because that is one that I am comfortable with and since I have a paid subscription, I might as well make full use of it. Of course, the best part of Stocks Café stock screener is that it will automatically email you the results daily (depending on the frequency that you set).

Recently, a reader has contacted me twice to review the yahoo finance free stock screener. I am familiar with the old Yahoo Finance stock screener but not aware that they have since redesign the page to include a new free stock screener that at a glance looks sleek and clean.

I have used the following criteria to screen for dividend stocks. You can read more about my criteria selection in my post on Screening For Dividend Stocks Using The FSMOne Stock Screener.

Not sure if it is due to my web browser (Edge), but for each criteria that I tried to set, the browser keeps freezing. You have to wait for a while and the page will “unfreeze”. This is most likely due to the heavy usage of scripts to render the page on the fly. The estimated results counter on the right gets updated real time when you change any criteria so you know how many companies fulfil the criteria that you set.

You may have noticed that the currency selected is in USD. I could not find a way to change it to SGD even though I have selected Singapore as the region.

Upon clicking on Find Stocks, the results are displayed below on the same page. Yahoo offers two views for the results, list and Heatmap view. In list view, I was surprised that there is no indication of dividend yield even though it is one of the criteria that I have set above. The only column that allows sorting is by Market Capitalization. Do you buy stocks only based on Market Capitalization?

I like the feature whereby the results offer a 52-week range that lets you know roughly where the current price is nearer to.

In Heatmap view, this is basically based on Market Capitalization. Well, I am not so familiar on how to interpret heat maps. Here is a screenshot that I shall let you decipher yourself.

Given the lack of dividend yield information in the screened results and the inability to sort by dividend yield, I still prefer Stocks Café stock screener.


  1. You have to click on the individual stock to get the dividend info.

    But are the results the same as you get for stocks cafe?

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