Renewing Open Electricity In 2023

Looking to Renewing Open Electricity In 2023? Since I renewed my Open Electricity with SembCorp in the year 2021, the electricity tariffs have rose significantly over these 2 years. The current electricity tariff offered by SP Group is 31.27 cents/kWh.

The below shows the 4 main cost components in the electricity tariff (Taken from SP Group’s website)

SP Group Q1 2023 Electricity Tariff

Below are the price plans that I have gotten from the individual open electricity retailer’s website.

Fixed Price Plan c/kWh (with GST)
Green Plan c/kWh (with GST)
Retailer 12 months 24 months 12 months 24 months
SembCorp Power (Renewal) 30.69 Not available 38.25 Not available
Tuas Power 31.16 31.16 Not available Not available
Keppel Electric 31.10 30.80 37.10 36.80
Senoko Energy 30.86 30.66 Not available 31.08

As you can see above, SembCorp Power and Senoko Power offers the most competitive rates for their Fixed Price Plan (12 months).

Those Green plans offered by various providers are currently more expensive than their Fixed Price Plans. Unless you are a environmentalist, I will not opt for those green plans.

If you wanted to sign up for SembCorp Power Price Plans after reading this, use my referral code 8XSWFGMN to earn $20 bill rebates. Bill rebates will be used to offset your monthly electricity bills.

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