Delegate Your Work So You Have More Time to Invest In Stocks

Delegate Your Work So You Have More Time to Invest In Stocks

It is already one year since I was promoted to a managerial role. Every company has some form of expectations on their managerial staffs within the company. Being a newly promoted manager, I was certainly lost on what my company expects from me. I asked myself questions such as “Do I need to do even more to proof my worth?” and “How can I differentiate myself as a manager from others?”. I believe these are common questions you may have asked yourself if you are like me who is new in a managerial position. Read More

5 Tips To Get You A Promotion At Work

5 Tips To Get You A Promotion At Work

I decided to create a new category called Personal Development in my website. The reason I am creating this new category is because I believe that not only should we invest in financial instruments such as stocks and REITs, we should also spend time investing on ourselves. With a good personal skill set and attitude, this can also help you with your job promotion which probably can equate to a higher salary. A higher salary can also means you have more cash to deploy into stocks and REITs!

Below are some of the tips that I have learnt from various self improvement books that I have read and from my experiences accumulated at work that I hope can help you in your day to day work.

#1 Speed

Learn to identify success and failures from prior investments. This enables you to get ahead fast from others. As the saying goes:

The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing. – Henry Ford

#2 Prioritize

Good work prioritization skills generates good work results. Generate results in the shortest time frame by learning to prioritize and manage your time. With good time management, this allows new goals to be set.

#3 Learn

Learn to take what you can directly from your competitor. If your competitor at work has already came up with an efficient way of doing things, follow him but do it better. Do not re-invent the wheel.

#4 Build Morale

Not only ourselves need to have a good morale, the team you are leading within the company should also be high in morale. Huge morale creates huge results, thus if you are leading a team, you should get your team fired up about your targets and create a sense of urgency.

#5 Responsibility

Remember that if you are holding a leadership position in any company, every leadership position confers a burden of responsibility. Everyone within your team relies upon your vision and decision making. Thus, as a leader, you should have good foresight and do not make decision hastily.