My Bitcoin and Ethereum Speculation

My Bitcoin and Ethereum Speculation

Previously, I blogged about how to open a Coinbase account to purchase Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin which has been the hottest topic in town recently.

Around 1 week ago, I did my first Bitcoin purchase of S$200. For first time buyers, there is a Buy limit of S$200 imposed by Coinbase. After you done your first purchase, the buy limit will start from zero and increase day by day until it reaches back to S$200. On Monday, I bought another S$200 of Ethereum.

My current total speculation is S$400 with gains of S$49.91. That is a gain of 12.48% over roughly 2 weeks.

My experiences with Bitcoin and Ethereum are:- Read More

ST Engineering – Buy on Downtrend?

ST Engineering - Buy on Downtrend?

While prices of most stocks have gone up, the stock price of ST Engineering has gone down recently. There has been discussions on ST Engineering on whether one should buy at current price of S$3.19, whether will the stock fall lower and if there is anything wrong with ST Engineering which resulted in the decline in share price. Based on technical analysis, Singapore Technologies Engineering is currently on a downtrend. Read More