My Personal Analysis of The Hour Glass

The Hour Glass Store

The Hour Glass is in the simple business of selling luxury watches. They carry luxury brands like Patek Philippe, Rolex and Cartier etc. They have 41 boutiques in nine key cities throughout Asia. The Hour Glass has been accorded the ‘Best Watch Retail’ honours by Singapore Tatler in 2014.

Similar companies in the luxury watches business are Sincere Watch (Hong Kong) Ltd and Cortina Holdings Limited.

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Book Review: Financial Freedom A Guide to Achieving Lifelong Wealth and Security

Financial Freedom A Guide to Achieving Lifelong Wealth and SecurityThe book “Financial Freedom A Guide to Achieving Lifelong Wealth and Security” is written by Mr Reuben Advani. The book is easy to read and has a total of not more than 150 pages. Personally, I felt that the book title is over exaggerated. At a glance, the book seems to suggest tips to achieve wealth and financial freedom. However, it is actually a personal finance book whereby the author explains in high level some financial jargon (E.g. Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Debt etc).

The author shares in this book how to plan a personal monthly budget, things to consider when financing a home, buying a car and financing an education.

There are no in depth tips on stock investment.

However, one particular chapter catches my attention which is Chapter 5 The Personal Finance Panacea – Make More Money! This chapter writes about landing in your dream job and getting promoted. The topic on getting promoted is pretty interesting. It describes how through fits of impatient sighs, we can convince everyone that one is the busiest guy in the office and involved in very important work. Does this sound familiar to you or is any of your colleagues doing that? Read More

Challenger Technologies new subsidiary Challenge Ventures Pte Ltd


SGX Mainboard-listed Challenger Technologies Limited (“Challenger” or the “Group”), today announced it has set up a wholly owned subsidiary Challenge Ventures Pte Ltd (“CVPL”) to focus on investing in companies and businesses to complement Challenger’s existing business.

Over the past 2 years, Challenger Technologies Limited has been aggressively investing in its in-house brand “Valore”, which turns out to be a failure. All Valore concept stores have been converted into Challenger stores.

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