Opportunity in Brexit Crisis

Opportunity Crisis

Stocks are generally classified into small cap, mid map and large cap. Market capitalization (“cap”) is the total value of the issued shares of a publicly traded company. This is also equal to the share price times the number of shares outstanding.

CategoryMarket Capitalization
Large CapOver $5 billion
Mid CapBelow $5 billion and above $1 billion
Small CapBelow $1 billion

With the recent “Brexit”, I have done a screening on the large cap stocks using Google Finance Stock Screener. Large Cap stocks are mainly know as “Blue Chips” and if opportunity arise, it is a good chance to accumulate them for stable dividend yield in the long term.

The criteria I input into Google Finance Stock Screener are market capitalization above $5 billion with above 4% dividend yield.

StockMarket CapitalizationDividend Yield52w Price Change (%)
Singapore Telecommunications Limited66.01B4.23(2.59)
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. Limited36.70B4.11(13.79)
Singapore Airlines Ltd12.84B4.21(2.28)
Keppel Corporation Limited10.02B6.17(32.89)
Singapore Exchange Limited8.19B4.06(5.45)
Capitaland Mall Trust7.69B4.322.36
Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust6.58B5.212.18
StarHub Ltd6.55B5.29(3.57)

This blog post is not a buy recommendation for the above stocks. Further analysis should be done before buying.

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