Only Allocated Fifty Percent of Astrea V Bonds

This is just an update to Astrea V Bonds. The IPO application results of Astrea V Bonds caught me by surprise. In my previous post ( Astrea V 3.85% Class A-1 Secured Bonds ), I read that all applications of less than S$50,000 will be allocated in full or in part. However that was not the case. My wife only got 50% of what she applied.

Below is a summary of the Astrea V Bonds application results.

  • Retail offer of S$180 million Class A-1 Bonds 4.5 times subscribed. Nearly S$820 million received from 30,816 valid applicants.
  • 75% of bonds allocated to all valid applications of less than S$50,000. Each valid applicant of less than S$50,000 received some allocation.
  • Applicants who applied for S$50,000 or more were balloted. Successful balloted applications were allocated in part.
  • Overall issuance of Astrea V Private Equity (“PE”) Bonds 6.7 times subscribed. Total subscription of US$4.0 billion across all three classes of bonds.


  1. All applications of less than S$50,000 were allocated in full or in part.
    $2,000- full
    $3,000- full
    $4,000 -full
    $5,000 -full
    $6,000 and above- part.

  2. Hi,

    I don’t understand your comment about “not being the case”.

    If your wife received 50% of what she applied for, then she either applied for 10,000 and received 5,000, or 12,000 and received 6,000. I think those are the only two possibilities.

    “I read that all applications of less than S$50,000 will be allocated in full or in part.”

    So she applied for less than 50,000 and received a 50% allocation.

    Seems correct…..

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