One Important Thing to Do When You Buy REITS

Email Alert

One of the blunder I made recently was that I did not subscribe for Mapletree Commercial Trust Preferential Offering. It was not intentional. I missed the announcement!

The Consequences

The consequence of missing out the offering was the dilution of Mapletree Commercial Trust in my stock portfolio. I conclude that the most important thing when you buy REITs is to subscribe to the investor alerts or mailing list. I realize i did not subscribe to any email alerts for the list of REITs in my stock portfolio.

Where to Subscribe Email Alerts

Most email subscription can be found under the Investor Relations section on the REITs website. The email subscription is important because for any announcement, REITs will post it on their website. REITs are supposed to keep their website information updated as soon as possible.

I have diligently subscribe for email alerts for all the REITs in my stock portfolio. This is an important lesson learnt for me.


  1. Wow! Sad to hear that ,, 🙁 It could be quite dilutive if one is holding much of that share in their portfolio.
    For me,, I try to read all announcement in SGX every day ,, another way of monitoring is using this apps. ” Vezted” ,,, is quite useful as it help to just filter the announcement and news for the favorite stocks you are keeping or investing .
    May try it out and see..
    Cheers !

  2. Hi SR

    Like StE, I also had a habit of browsing through daily sgx announcement and after a while it gets used to it. Alternatively you can subscribe to news like Vezted or Sgxcafe so you wont miss announcement like that in the future. I am guessing you dont lose much this time round since the rights price is at 1.51

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