My Sweet Retirement Top 10 Financial Posts in 2016

The year 2016 is ending and I looked back at the blog posts I have written this year. I am glad some of my personal analysis made it to the top ten posts in terms of viewer traffic. If you are not aware, I purposely title my analysis as “personal analysis” because I am not an expert in stock analysis. I tried to do my own analysis of companies based on what I have learn from courses, books and other tips from financial bloggers.

I also share news and promotions once in a while because I think they may interest you. Chinese New Year is around the corner and I can see many of you are starting to park your money somewhere.

Alright, here are the top 10 posts in the year 2016.

#1 Chinese New Year 2016 Fixed Deposit Promotions

Chinese New Year 2016 is approaching soon. Every year this time, banks will offer promotional fixed deposit rates. Last year, I placed my money with POSB for 12 months at a promotional interest rate of 1.88 percent. I also got the S$88 lucky Ang Bao (“red packet”) that was offered for the first 10,000 customers.

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#2 It is finally here! Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF

Previously, I wrote about the first ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) made up of REITs. (SGX launches ETF made up of REITS) It is finally here! Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF will be listed on SGX on 20th October 2016. The initial offer period is between 5th October to 13th October 2016. Interested investors can find out more from their trading representatives.

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#3 SGX launches ETF made up of REITS

Singapore Exchange (SGX) has launched the SGX APAC ex Japan Dividend Leaders REIT Index which is the first Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that is made up of 30 REITs across Asia Pacific, excluding Japan. SGX APAC ex Japan Dividend Leaders REIT Index demonstrated a yield of 4.53% over the period of twelve months to 29 July 2016.

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#4 Why I did not subscribe to Manulife US REIT IPO

Manulife US REIT was recently listed on SGX on 20th May 2016. It is the first IPO in Singapore with United States office assets. The IPO was priced at US$0.83 per unit. I am not going to write about the financials of Manulife US REIT in this post as you can find the details in their investor reports. I will focus on the factors leading to my decision not to subscribe to this IPO.

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#5 My Sweet Retirement Subscribes for OUE Hospitality Trust Rights

With the issuance of rights, DPS will fall from 6.55 cents to 5.38 cents. The DPS Yield will fall from 8.6% to 7.6%. I asked myself the following 3 questions below previously in my post here (OUE Hospitality Trust Issues Rights to Fund Acquisition of Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Extension).

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#6 My Personal Analysis of Capitaland Mall Trust

With the recent US presidential election and almost certain news that Fed will increase interest rate, prices of most REITs have fallen to attractive levels. Today, I have bought more of Capitaland Mall Trust. I have noticed that there is much retail REIT component in my stock portfolio and thus made the decision to add more of Capitaland Mall Trust. The current weakness poses an opportunity for me.

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#7 Building My Spouse Stock Portfolio May 2016

For many years, my wife has been lamenting about working her heads off and never earning enough. She doesn’t do any form of investment and not even the simplest form of fixed deposits. Most of her money sits in the savings account earning a petite interest rate of 0.05%.

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#8 My Personal Analysis of Starhill Global REIT

Starhill Global REIT has been in my watch list for a few months. The stock price fell as low as $0.73 when there was a rental dispute with Toshin in Ngee Ann City property. I did not rush in to buy as at that point of time, I didn’t do any analysis on Starhill Global REIT. Buying without doing my homework is purely speculation. Today, the stock price has went up to $0.79.

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#9 Soilbuild REIT Worrying Debt

Few months back, I bought more on Soilbuild REIT and Keppel REIT given the attractive dividend yield. It was a lesson learnt for me as I bought purely because of its dividend yield. I was lucky Keppel REIT stock price reversed and went on an uptrend. However, I was not so fortunate for Soilbuild REIT. The stock price continue to dip.

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#10 My Sweet Retirement Portfolio for Dividend or Growth

There are two main school of thoughts when buying a stock. You either buy it for its dividend or for its growth, hoping it will unlock its value one day and perhaps become a multi-bagger. In my holdings, ComfortDelgro is currently one such stock. M1 used to be one, however prices have since fallen and it is no longer a multi-bagger stock in my portfolio.

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