My Sweet Retirement Portfolio for Dividend or Growth

Dividend or Growth

There are two main school of thoughts when buying a stock. You either buy it for its dividend or for its growth, hoping it will unlock its value one day and perhaps become a multi-bagger. In my holdings, ComfortDelgro is currently one such stock. M1 used to be one, however prices have since fallen and it is no longer a multi-bagger stock in my portfolio.

You may ask why I am not selling ComforDelgro, since it has unlock its value? My reason is simple. Currently, I have nothing better to buy. Furthermore, I will draw down from my war chest first. The dividend yield for ComfortDelgro is not fantastic but while I hold on to it, I collect dividends from it.

After accumulating so many stocks over the years, I have almost forgot my basis for buying the particular stock the last time. As such, I decided to list down all my stocks and recap why I bought the stock in the first place. As you can see from the table below, stocks that I bought for growth are Comfort Delgro, The Hour Glass and Boustead. The rest of the stocks I bought are mainly for its consistent dividends. Most of the dividend stocks in my portfolio are in fact REITS.

Stock Name Growth or Dividend
ST Engineering Dividend
ParkwayLife Reit Dividend
ComfortDelGro Growth
NeraTel Dividend
M1 Dividend
Keppel Reit Dividend
The Hour Glass Growth
SoilbuildBizReit Dividend
StarHub Dividend
OUE Hospitality Trust Dividend
Mapletree Commercial Trust Dividend
Sheng Siong Dividend
AusNetServices Dividend
Boustead Growth
CapitaMall Trust Dividend
Far East Hospitality Trust Dividend
Frasers Commercial Trust Dividend
Suntec Reit Dividend
Cambridge Industrial Trust Dividend
Lippo Malls Trust Dividend


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