My Sweet Retirement Mid Year Checkpoint 2016


Time flies and it is already the month of June 2016. Last year December, I did some personal goal settings (My Sweet Retirement Annual Review of 2015). Let me review the status achieved so far.

Achieve 10K of Passive Income

As of June, I collected an estimated total of S$4350 dividends. 10K of passive income still seems a far fetch for me. Most companies cut their dividend payout and Distribution Per Unit (“DPU”) for most REITs fell.

New Business Venture

No brilliant ideas yet. Readers, any idea?


Taipei trip guarantee plus chop! Due to bad economy, tourists are cutting their spending and travel. My Sweet Retirement is no exception! I will be flying off to Taipei for a holiday mid of June. Probably may reduce my target of 4 oversea trips to just 2.

Better Health

A total of 51.7 kilometers ran so far. It is difficult to find time to exercise especially during week days. This year has been busier for me and I have been clocking more overtime than last year. Companies have been encouraging productivity at work. Is reducing staff headcount a form of increasing productivity? Do more with less people?


  1. Hi SR

    You seem to be doing well on your goals. The dividend target will surely reach there some day if not this year.

    And nice to see a trip to Taiwan ;)

  2. Suggest trying static workouts that can easily be done at home.. saved me a lot of time. Now I only jog when I have more time or if I want to clear my mind. In any case, a variety of work out is supposed to be healthier.

    All the best on the 10K passive income.. hope you have fun and enjoy the journey to 10k!

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