My Sweet Retirement is One!

Golden-Egg-255x300 1st Anniversary

Time flies and it is one year since I set up My Sweet Retirement website to share my journey towards achieving financial freedom and retirement.

By doing my own personal stock analysis and writing to share them, it is a constant reminder to myself to buy and sell on fundamentals and not rely on emotions or gut feel while investing.

While I enjoy writing about stocks and financial related stuff, I also enjoy reading articles written by other fellow financial bloggers. These are a few of my favorites: A Path to Forever Financial Freedom, Lady you can be free, A Pen Quotes and My 15 Hour Work Week.

Top 10 Posts and Pages

Below are the top 10 posts and pages according to total number of views by readers.

1. Chinese New Year 2016 Fixed Deposit Promotions

I never knew this will be the most favorite post among readers. Well, everyone likes risk free investment isn’t it?

2. My Stock Portfolio

Like how curious I am on what stocks others are holding, I can see readers are keen to know what stocks I hold as well.

3. About Me

I am a golden egg. Hopefully it will hatch when I reach retirement.

4. Why I did not subscribe to Manulife US REIT IPO

First US REIT. Seems everyone is interested.

5. Building My Spouse Stock Portfolio May 2016

Guys out there, start building a portfolio for your wife!

6. Financial Blogs and Websites

If you like My Sweet Retirement, please help add a link on your website. I will add yours in return. Only financial blogs please.

7. My Sweet Retirement Subscribes for OUE Hospitality Trust Rights

My first rights issue.

8. Update on Singapore Savings Bonds December 2015

Risk free investment.

9. Soilbuild REIT Worrying Debt

My terrible mistake.

10. My Sweet Retirement Portfolio for Dividend or Growth

Both Dividend and Growth!

Happy One Anniversary


My Sweet Retirement!

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