My Sweet Retirement Gets Early Access to GrabPay Mastercard

I believe that most of us should be familiar with Grab and Grab Pay. Besides occasionally using Grab to grab a taxi ride, I also use Grab Pay quite frequently at restaurants and bubble tea joints as everytime you use Grab Pay to pay for the purchase, you earn grab points whereby you can redeem food discount or shopping vouchers. I used to grab food but after a bad experience whereby the delivery rider cancelled my food delivery after 2 hours of wait, I stopped grabbing food delivery using the app.

Today, I received an email notification that Grab that they are launching the GrabPay Mastercard and I have been offered early access. On top of the digital mastercard, they are also offering a physical mastercard.

Here are some benefits that I read about the GrabPay Mastercard

  • Use Singapore GrabPay balance to pay for Grab rides throughout Southeast Asia without incurring transaction and FX fees.
  • Earn grab reward points when you pay using the GrabPay Mastercard
  • Able to use Grab for online purchases although I read about certain sites have disabled the support for usage of GrabPay Mastercard

I have some doubts though

  • No mention of annual membership. It is unknown whether Grab will charge for the usage of the Mastercard in the future
  • Since the usage of the GrabPay Mastercard is still not wide spread, security of the Mastercard is still my concern

Nevertheless, I shall try GrabPay Mastercard out and see how it goes!

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