Summary of April 2020 Transactions

Stock Portfolio

Today is the last day of April 2020 whereby I usually summarize my stock transactions. I have applied my strategy of buying small quantities of stocks instead of large transactions. This is because I believe the stock market have not factor in the financial impact by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In early April, I have bought more of CapitaMall Trust and US Manulife REIT. US Manulife REIT and CapitaMall makes up 2.33% and 9.70% of my stock portfolio respectively.

If you have noticed, Frasers Commercial Trust no longer appears in my stock portfolio. This is because Frasers Commercial Trust had been delisted due to its merger into Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust. As a result of the merger, my holdings of Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust had increased to 12.99%.

Most REITs have released their quarterly financial results. They are Suntec REIT, Mapletree Commercial Trust, Mapletree Logistics Trust, ESR-REIT, ParkwayLife REIT, Mapletree Industrial Trust and Starhill Global REIT. Due to the uncertainty of the impact caused by the COVID-19, most REIT managers have decided to retain a portion of their distributable income. Even though distribution per unit have declined due to the retention of distributable income, the share price of most REITs had still gone up. I am not sure why but I advise investors to trade with caution.

If you are looking for safe haven, I have found two endowment plans this month. They are Tiq 3 Year Endowment Plan and China Taiping i-Save Plan. The benefit of these endowment plans is the guaranteed capital upon maturity. Even though the returns may not seem as attractive, the risk is definitely low.

There is still one more month before the end of the “Circuit Breaker”. I definitely hope this does not get extended.

Meanwhile, stay safe and stay at home!

Goodbye Frasers Commercial Trust

Goodbye Frasers Commercial Trust

Frasers Commercial Trust currently makes up 1.93% of my stock portfolio.

I am saying goodbye to Frasers Commercial Trust not because I am selling it. This is one REIT that has been paying me consistent dividends no matter whether the economy is good or bad. Frasers Commercial Trust has completed their Asset Enhancement Initiative last year and their assets should start to generate revenue for them this year.

Last year, Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust and Frasers Commercial Trust announced their merger. If you are keen on the results of the annual general meeting, 98.61% are for the merger while 1.39% is against it.

Goodbye Frasers Commercial Trust

The last day of trading for Frasers Commercial Trust is on 9th April 2020 and I have received my cash payout on Friday, 24th April 2020. If you are a Frasers Commercial Trust unitholder, you would have received

  • S$0.151 in cash for each unit; and 
  • 1.233 new Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust units per Frasers Commercial Trust unit

Goodbye Frasers Commercial Trust!