Li Chun

Li Chun Best Day to Deposit Money

Li Chun

Li Chun (立春) signifies the beginning of spring based on the Chinese calendar and is the Best Day to Deposit Money. It is the day whereby we believe it is a fresh beginning and our energy are being revitalized.

This year, Li Chun (立春) falls on Friday, 4th of February 2022.

Li Chun (立春) Best Day to Deposit Money

If you have watched the news on television, you will see snaking long queues of people at the banks and ATM (Automated Teller Machine) to deposit money.

Why? This is because we believe depositing money during Li Chun (立春) symbolises steady income throughout the year.

Open our Money Chest (开财库)

There is one practice that most seldom heard of besides depositing money on Li Chun Li Chun (立春). That is burning a pot of charcoal during the auspicious hour to open our money chest (开财库).

It was believed that burning charcoal in the house during the auspicious hour will suck into our house the positive energy which are Wealth (财气), Happiness (喜气) and Help from nobility person (贵人). We must also open the windows at these various areas so that the energy can flow into the house.

And Yes, for the first time, My Sweet Retirement woke up at 4.51am to burn charcoal in the house!

Start the Money Rolling (引动财库)

I did not queue up at the banks and ATMs. Based on modern technology, I decided to use PayNow to pay myself instead.

I have used PayNow to deposit money to my own and children’s bank account at various timings based on our Zodiac signs.

Believe or Not to Believe?

You may call My Sweet Retirement superstitious but there is no harm trying for some extra luck throughout the year right?

Last but not least I wish all readers 虎年大吉, 虎虎生威,虎运连年,福虎凌云, 瑞虎丰年,福虎贺岁,虎啸祥瑞,虎年如意!

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