Key Dates for REITs Release of Financial Results

Key Dates for REITs Release of Financial Results

Key Dates for REITs Release of Financial Results

Many REITs will be releasing their quarterly financial results in the month of July and August 2022. SPH REIT had already released their financial results on 7th July 2022.

Mapletree Logistics Trust will also be releasing their financial results today. If the share price falls due to unsatisfactory results, I foresee an opportunity to increase my position in Mapletree Logistics Trust. Alternatively, the share price may jump because of excellent results.

Below, I am compiling the key dates of REITs in my stock portfolio so that I will not miss any financial results.

Among the REITs in my stock portfolio, only Parkway Life REIT has not announced when they are going to release their financial results.

Stock Date of Results Release
SPH REIT 7th July 2022
Mapletree Logistics Trust 21st July 2022
OUE Commercial REIT 25th July 2022
CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust 28th July 2022
Mapletree Commercial Trust 29th July 2022
Frasers Logistics & Commercial Trust 5th August 2022
US Manulife REIT 4th August 2022
Parkway Life REIT Not announced.

It feels good to wait for announcement of financial results because this is when dividends from DPU starts flowing in!

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