Job Substainability for Better Wealth and Health


The journey in search of wealth can be misleading and often one may take the wrong path. Recently, in my current company, many of my colleagues have been quit their jobs. A few gave the reasons of better pay and compensation in another company while some gave the reason they found a higher position such as managerial position elsewhere.

One of the lessons I have learnt over my work years is Job Sustainability.

Lesson 1: There is no free Lunch

You can keep on job hopping and each time you job hop, you ask for a higher salary which can be easily 10% of the current you are getting. But remember in this world, there is no such thing as a free lunch. One of my colleague who has been job hopping found himself in a position whereby he is working longer hours and when I mean long hours, it means working pass twelve midnight and next morning he has to report to work at nine. After three months, he can no longer sustain and he goes on a job hunt again.

Lesson 2: Know your Limits

Another of my colleague who is a business analyst in my current company found a director position in another company. After three months, we received news that she wishes to join back the company as a business analyst. After finding out more from her close friends, we understand that she has taken the director position in the new company too easily. She did not have the past experience nor skill set of a director. When she joined the new company as a director, she felt lost and cannot cope with the work and stress. Eventually, she quit without a job.

Lesson 3: Work Life Balance

A colleague of mine has been working 12 hours daily. He is always the last to go home and often work till the wee hours. We know he is desperate for a promotion. I used to work like him but last year, my health succumb due to the long hours I have been working and I was admitted to the hospital. The lesson I have learnt is to work hard but to take care of own health as well.

I hope by sharing these 3 lessons, you can better appreciate your current situation.

Remember, Health is Wealth!


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