January 2020 Singapore Savings Bonds is 1.76%

The effective interest rate for January 2020 Singapore Savings Bonds (GX20010T) is 1.76% if you held it for 10 years. This is an improvement as compared to 1.71% for December 2019 issue of the Singapore Savings Bonds. The minimum amount you can purchase for Singapore Savings Bonds is S$500. If you decide to hold and sell it for 1 year, the effective interest rate is 1.52% which is worst than what fixed deposits can offer.

If you have 10K or more and can afford to lock down the money for 1 year or more, you can consider fixed deposits as compared to Singapore Savings Bonds for that higher interest rate.

If you have monies sitting in your Supplementary Retirement Scheme account, why not consider placing SRS monies with Singapore Savings Bonds for a higher interest? (Read more: Purchase Singapore Savings Bonds with SRS in 2019)

DBS Multiplier Account + Singapore Savings Bonds

If you hold a DBS Multiplier Account, you can perhaps try the hack I previously wrote about to achieve a higher interest rate payout. (Read more: Earn More Interest With DBS Multiplier Account + Singapore Savings Bonds).

Tracking Singapore Savings Bonds via Stocks Café

My favorite website, Stocks Café has introduced a new feature to allow adding of Singapore Savings Bonds into your portfolio. If you didn’t know, I signed up as a Friend of Stocks Café as my most favorite feature of Stocks Café is the automated tracking of dividends payout.

I have renewed my subscription with Stocks Café and this is the second year that I continue to use Stocks Café to track my dividends.

Tracking Singapore Savings Bonds via My Savings Bonds Portal

MAS has launched My Savings Bonds Portal where you can track your Singapore Savings Bonds purchases separately from your stock purchases. I have done up a simple guide here. (Read more: Guide to My Savings Bonds Portal)

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