Its Not Fair, I Deserve The Promotion

Our performance appraisal is around the corner. The appraisal outcome also determines our fate whether we are getting the job promotion and the performance bonus that we deserve.

How many times have you felt this way at work when you saw someone else got promoted at work but not you? At my current workplace, I often heard of my colleagues grumble about how hard they have worked for many years but not gotten the promotion that they deserved. Most of them had quit the company to pursue a position elsewhere. One colleague left my current company recently for the same reason.

I have been pondering how do we get that job promotion at work? I happen to bump into the below video from Xandria Ooi which I wanted to share with those that felt they are not getting the job promotion they should be getting and I hope you get better after watching it.

Here is the excellent video by Xandria Ooi.

In summary, when we worked, the goal is not to be recognized or to be rewarded, the goal is to be VALUABLE. Because when you are valuable, the recognition and rewards will come naturally!


  1. Hi,

    My take is that one has to take it easy in respect of the promotion. If there is a promotion, take it. If no promotion, quit the existing one for a better one. A job move is considered as a promotion.

    My two cents worth of view.


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