Health is Wealth – Introducing Health Hub

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As the old saying goes

The greatest wealth is Health.

Health Hub

I will like to share with readers a web site that the Ministry of Health has recently launched. It is called Health Hub.

With Health Hub, you can access your personal health records such as screening and lab results. On top of that, you can also view your child’s immunisation records.

On top of accessing personal health records, Health Hub also shares events that are organized for the public such as group yoga exercises at the park or seminars at public hospitals where you can attend.

HealthHub Events

Health Hub also have various articles written by medical professionals about food nutrition and body care.

HealthHub Articles

Health Points

Personally, I felt this is the most interesting part. For every article, event or application that you shared via twitter or face book, you earn health points. Accumulated health points can be converted instantly via the website into NTUC LinkPoints!

Health Points

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