Have You Heard of Spiking?

Recently, someone posted a screenshot that shows insider trades. It got almost everyone in the forum thread asking what is this application and how did they get the information.

I finally found out what application it is. The application is called “Spiking” and you can download it from the app store for iPhone and Google Play store for Android users.

If you didn’t know, Spiking is actually a homegrown app. Spiking allows investors to track the stock transactions and portfolios of investors. Interestingly, they classify investors into “Blue Whales”, Millionaires and Billionaires.

Blue Whale? What is that? According to Spiking definition, the term “Blue Whale” refers to sophisticated investors who invest in firms that benefit from growing consumption.

Using the Spiking app, I can see that Mr Lim Chye Huat, Director of Tai Sin Electric is buying the company’s shares. We all know that such action gives investors confidence about the company since its own management is also buying the shares despite announcing lower than expected financial results. ( Tai Sin Electric Revenue Fell Due to Prevailing Uncertainties In The Market )


    1. Hi Elaine, for the news feed, its free. The app offers 5 “cards” sort of recommended best stocks daily. If you want more “cards”, you either buy a one day pass for $1.48 or purchase the professional version.

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