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Grow Money with Dash EasyEarn

Dash EasyEarn

Grow money with Dash EasyEarn! Dash EasyEarn is an insurance savings plan by Etiqa Insurance that is only eligible to Dash users. If you are not familiar with Dash, Dash is a mobile wallet provided by Singtel. Similar to the Singife account, Dash EasyEarn have no monthly fees, no regular top ups required and no lock in period.

Insurance Benefits

Since this is an insurance plan, you enjoy insurance coverage in the event of Death with a death benefit of 105% of your account value.

Wondering how much interest you can earn with Dash EasyEarn?

Dash EasyEarn delivers 2.0% p.a. return for the first year (Guaranteed 1.5% p.a. + 0.5% p.a. bonus for first policy year, available on a first come, first served basis). The starting amount is S$2,000 and subsequent top-ups may be made in multiples of S$500. The maximum top-up amount is capped at S$20,000.

Let us do an illustration. Based on the minimal deposit of S$2,000, you will receive a return of S$40 for the first year. If you make the maximum deposit of S$20,000, you will receive a return of S$400.

Dash EasyEarn versus Singlife Account

Dash EasyEarn is very similar to Singlife account that I have signed up for previously.

Here is a comparison of Dash EasyEarn and Singlife account.

Dash EasyEarn Singlife Account
Minimal amount S$2,000 S$500
Return Rate (p.a.) 2.0% for the first year
1.5% thereafter
2.5% for first S$10,000
1.0% for next S$90,000
Computation of returns Returns are computed daily Returns are computed daily
Minimum Withdrawal Amount Withdrawal amounts must be at least S$100, and in multiples of S$100 per withdrawal No minimum
Withdrawal Mode (1) either your Singtel Dash account up to your Dash wallet account limit (no charge); or
(2) directly to your bank account via PayNow (S$0.70 per transaction, deducted from Dash EasyEarn plan)
Direct to bank account
Benefits Death benefit Retrenchment benefit
Death benefit

How to Sign Up?

Step 1: Download the Singtel Dash App from the app store.

Step 2: Launch Dash and select Grow Money.

Dash EasyEarn Grow Money

Step 3: Have your NRIC ready and follow through the rest of the step by step instructions within the app.

For those that wants to stash aside 20% of your monthly salary for retrenchment preparation or retirement savings, this is a good financial instrument that earns you 2% return for the first year and 1.5% thereafter.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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