Financial Goals Progress For April 2024

Long Term Financial Goal Progress for April 2024

Again, we came to the end of April 2024 and this is the time where I stock take my progress of reaching my Financial Goals.

Do not get confused over Financial Goals over Financial Freedom. Financial Goals and Financial Freedom are related concepts but they are different in meaning. What is Financial Freedom? Financial freedom is the state of having enough money to live your life comfortably and without worry. It means having enough money to cover your basic needs and expenses, as well as enough money to save for the future, invest in your goals, and take risks.

If you wonder what are Financial Goals? Financial Goals are targets set by individuals (like me) to achieve specific monetary milestones or plans within a certain time frame. My Financial Goal is to stash sufficient money (target) which can help me to retire early in Singapore.

In April 2024, the total value of my financial assets declined from 75.30% in March to 74.58%. The decline was because of spending on a large ticket item. In April, I have booked a travel air ticket for a family holiday trip in December 2024.

This month, I took opportunity of the market weakness and added UOB and Mapletree Pan Asia Commercial Trust to my Singapore Stock Portfolio.

My Singapore Stock Portfolio

For the US stock market, I also added TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd) to my US stock portfolio.

My US Stock Portfolio

As the Fed has delayed the rate cuts to September, I foresee more opportunities in the upcoming months. Are you grabbing the opportunity to add more dividend stocks to build your passive income or are you running away in fear?

For those that want to invest in something with lower risk, you can consider Singapore Treasury Bills (T-Bills). This month, I decided not to renew one of my tranches of Fixed Deposit with CIMB but invest into T-Bills instead because the return was higher.

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