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Financial Goals For November 2023

Long Term Financial Goal Progress for November 2023

It is the same time of the month again where I provide an update on the progress of myself trying to reach my targeted financial goals for November 2023. The total value of my financial assets improved from 69.42% to 69.89%.

In November, the Fed decided to remain status quo and keep the Overnight Federal Funds Rate steady at its range of 5.25% to 5.50%. The U.S stock market continue its rally with the positive news.

Another piece of good news that stimulated the stock market was the meeting between U.S President Mr Joe Biden and China’s President Mr Xi Jinping. It signifies a move towards better US and China relations.

My U.S stock portfolio benefited from the improved stock market sentiments.

US Portfolio_202309_September

My Singapore stock portfolio benefited from the news that interest rates remain unchanged, at least for now. As you can see from below, my Singapore stock portfolio is made up majority of REITs.

Any interest rate hikes is going to rock my Singapore stock portfolio badly. Thus, I have been actively looking out to diversify by adding Non-REITs such as UOB to my stock portfolio.


I want to share that I use Stocks Café to keep track of the total value worth of my stocks. Stocks Café is my preferred tool for managing my stock portfolio. It is packed with tonnes of intelligent features such as portfolio monitoring and reporting, dividend tracking, stock screening. All these features are automated which means no manual entry is required.

Singapore Savings Bonds

Singapore Savings Bonds SBDEC23 GX23120Z

The effective interest rate for December 2023 Singapore Savings Bonds (SBDEC23 GX23120Z) is 3.40% if you held it for 10 years. The interest rate for the first 6 years is 3.30% which I personally felt is a deal too good to miss. Can you imagine getting paid 3.30% interest for the next 6 years.

I have sold off past issues of Singapore Savings Bonds where effective interest rate is lower and bought SBDEC23 GX23120Z.

If you want to predict next month interest rates, check out the 2 guides that I have written on Singapore Savings Bonds.

Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) Funds

I have been actively contributing to my SRS funds for the sake of tax relief. If you have not been utilising this tax relief benefit, you still have another month to action on it before the end of the year 2023.

Since the money sitting in the SRS account is earning very insignificant interest rates, I have use the money in SRS to purchase BS23122F 6-Month T-bill and BS23123Z 6-Month T-bill. The cut-off yield for BS23122F 6-Month T-bill and BS23123Z 6-Month T-bill is 3.75% and 3.80% respectively.

Summary of Financial Goals For November 2023

November was an extremely busy month for me at work. I am still trying to catch up on some REIT’s 3Q2023 financial results.

Here are those that I have reviewed in November.

See you in the last month of the year 2023!

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