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I have recently deposited Coin (CRO) into Supercharger for the DODGE Coin event. You probably might ask what is Supercharger? Below is the definition from

The Supercharger is a simple, flexible and secure liquidity mining platform that allows users to deposit tokens (with the option to withdraw at any time) in order to mine the most popular DeFi tokens on the Exchange and App. –

I know the above definition is probably too difficult to understand for non-technical people like you and me. In short, supercharger comprises of a Charging period and Reward period.

Charging Period (First 45 Days)

You deposit and withdraw CRO from the Supercharger pool any time during this period. They calculate your average share % every day.

Reward Period (Second 45 Days)

Receive reward token every day during the reward distribution period based on the liquidity provided in the deposit period.


Events are like Coin launches. Rewards are paid in the Coins that you participate in.

Whenever there is a new event, you can deposit CRO during the Charging period to earn the reward. Below are the upcoming events and past events.

The latest one is DOGE and Enjin Coin is the next upcoming event.

Supercharger Events

Minimum To Get Started

The minimum required is 100 CRO per deposit to the Supercharger. Based on the current price of CRO, this works out to be roughly S$29.70 for 100 CRO coins.

CRO Price 29 Mar 2021

How to Sign Up

If you have followed my previous article, you know that I have signed up for the Red Ruby MCO Card which earns me 2% cashback paid in CRO for every spent.

To earn the 2% cash back paid in CRO on every spent, this requires me to stake SGD$500 worth of CRO for 6 months. This is also known as staking.

If you are keen to own the Visa card and explore the Supercharger, you can sign up via my affiliate link to earn yourself and myself USD$25 (Win-Win situation).

Please take note that to earn the USD$25, you need to complete the sign up by passing the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification and staking the required CRO for your selected Visa card.

Welcome to the world of Cryptocurrency.

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