Summary of September 2018 Transactions

Earlier this month, I have added more Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust into my stock portfolio. As such, my percentage holdings of Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust has increased from 13% to 15% of my entire stock portfolio. At the current yield of 6.88%, Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust is still attractive to me (Read more: What To Invest Now? ).

If you have read my recent post, you will also know that I am waiting for an opportunity to buy into Frasers Commercial Trust as well (Read more: My Personal Analysis Of Frasers Commercial Trust). The stock price of Frasers Commercial Trust has gone up to S$1.43 which I think might be a little non-attractive to enter at this current price. Like I wrote about, I am more comfortable to buy into Frasers Commercial Trust at S$1.41 and below for a dividend yield of 6.80%.

The next update is my wife’s stock portfolio.

If you have noticed, there is a huge jump in terms of allocation for Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust. Using the combined dividends that both of us have collected this year, she bought more of Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust given the current attractive dividend yield of 6.88%. She will like to add more of Singtel but the price fluctuations is too fast and she didn’t managed to catch it S$3.10 and below. Certain stocks in her stock portfolio are not performing too well such as Tai Sin Electric, Singtel and Starhill Global Reit. However, we are less worried.

Like the saying goes, “Keep Calm and Collect Dividends!

Summary of August 2018 Transactions

The month of August is ending and it is time to reflect on my monthly stock transactions. This month, I have divested Suntec REIT. With the proceeds, I have stick to my original plan and invested them into Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust. As such, the percentage of Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust increases from 11% to 13% in terms of total invested amount of my stock portfolio. You can read more here ( What To Invest Now? ) on how I came to the decision to invest in Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust instead of other REITs in my stock portfolio. Read More

Goodbye Suntec REIT

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I do not know why but without much hesitation, I have sold off Suntec REIT today. Total profit was 54.3%. If I include the dividends collected over the years, total profit was 105%. I have sold off Suntec REIT not because of its slight decline in DPU in 2Q2018 but because it only makes up only 2% of my entire stock portfolio.

I invest in REITs mostly for their dividends and we all know that the more units we held, the more distribution we get every quarter from the REITs. Since the share price of Suntec REIT has appreciated much over the years since IPO, selling it seems to be the right decision. I can invest the money from the sale into other REITs. Yes, I am going to do that but I have yet to make up my mind which REIT to invest in using the capital gained from the sale.

Based on the historical distribution of 10.005 cents in FY17 and current price of S$1.92, the dividend yield is 5.21%. Personally, I felt the current dividend yield is low as compared to other REITs, so if you intend to invest into Suntec REIT, you should wait for the correct price to enter.

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