NTUC Capital Plus Versus Singapore Savings Bonds Versus SPH REIT

You probably would have read about the latest Endowment Plan offered by NTUC Income. The latest tranche NTUC Capital Plus (CSN2) offers you 2.3% guaranteed yield per annum. The endowment is a 3 year single premium endowment plan which you can purchase via cash or using your Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) fund. There is a minimum premium of S$20,000. When the policy matures 3 years later, you get a guaranteed maturity benefit. This means that if you place S$20,000, at the end of 3 years, the maturity value will be S$21,412 inclusive of your principal amount and thus a profit of 7.06%.

NTUC Capital Plus (CSN2) Versus Singapore Savings Bonds

How does this compare to latest issue of the Singapore Savings Bonds? Let say if you have purchased S$20,000 of the latest issue of Singapore Savings Bonds (September 2019 GX19090H), you will get a total return of S$990 if you redeem it in September 2022. NTUC Capital Plus (CSN2) wins!

NTUC Capital Plus (CSN2) Versus SPH REIT

How does NTUC Capital Plus (CSN2) fare against REITs? In my opinion, REITs are low risk investment instruments. For comparison, I will use SPH REIT which I felt that the share price has been relatively stable over the years. Based on a distribution of 5.54 cents in FY2018 and the current price of S$1.10 (as of 27 August 2019), this translates to a dividend yield of 5.04%.

If we have bought SPH REIT today, 3 years later, we should collect an estimated total dividends of 5.04% x S$20,000 x 3 years = S$3,024. SPH REIT wins! The risk here is that there is no guarantee you can get your principal amount of S$20,000 back 3 years later as this is subjected to the stock market conditions at that point in time.


NTUC Capital Plus (CSN2) Singapore Savings Bonds (GX19090H) SPH REIT
Total (S$) collected based on investment amount of S$20,000 for 3 years S$1,412 S$990 S$3,024

This is not a recommendation to buy or sell the above products but for illustration purposes only. If you can stomach the volatility of the stock market, then consider REITs for higher returns. Otherwise, NTUC Capital Plus may be a better choice if you have spare cash to lock down for 3 years. On the other hand, it does make sense to use your SRS to purchase NTUC Capital Plus (CSN2) for the higher yield since SRS can only be withdrawn after your retirement age. For those who foresee you need cash on hand in the near future, the Singapore Savings Bonds is almost risk free and safe haven.

Maybank Singapore National Day Time Deposit Promotion

If the OCBC Bank Singapore National Day Savings Promotion didn’t attract you, you may be interested in the above Singapore Dollar Time Deposit promotion from Maybank. You can choose between a 9 months or 12 months tenure period whereby the interest rate per annum is 2.10% p.a. and 2.22% p.a. respectively. This promotion is the best one I have found so far in terms of the interest rate it offers.

Here is the catch for the time deposit offered by Maybank:

  • You need to have a Maybank Current or Savings account.
  • For every S$1,000 deposited into Maybank Current or Savings accounts (minimum S$2,000), you can deposit S$10,000 into Maybank Singapore Dollar Time Deposit accounts (minimum S$20,000). This means you need at least S$22,000 (S$2,000 into Current or Savings account and S$20,000 into the time deposit account).
  • Choose between 9 months or 12 months period to enjoy 2.10% p.a. or 2.22% p.a. respectively.
  • Must be fresh funds.

For fresh funds of S$20,000 at 2.20% p.a. for 12 months, the interest you earn is S$440.

For fresh funds of S$20,000 at 2.10% p.a. for 9 months, the interest you earn is S$314.18.

OCBC Bank Singapore National Day Savings Promotion

It seems that nobody is writing about this National Day Savings Promotion and I thought of sharing this with you. OCBC Bank is having a savings promotion whereby for every S$5,000 of fresh funds deposited into your OCBC Passbook and Statement Savings Account, you get S$54 in cash credit. However, here is the catch:

  • Minimum is S$5,000
  • Must be fresh funds
  • The funds deposited must be maintained in your OCBC account for 7 months

It looks like a fixed time deposit promotion to me. If you are wondering how much interest rate per annum the above promotion is worth, I did some backward calculations and the interest rate turns out to be around 1.86% per annum. The interest rate still beats the September issue of the Singapore Savings Bonds whereby the interest rate is only 1.65% for the first year.

The added deal if that if you deposit a minimum of S$30,000 of fresh funds in your OCBC passbook savings account, you get to take home limited edition passbook as shown in the above picture. The deposit must be made at OCBC branches. At this point of writing, I am not sure if the limited edition passbook is still available as there are only 5,400 pieces available.