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Have You Heard of Spiking?

Recently, someone posted a screenshot that shows insider trades. It got almost everyone in the forum thread asking what is this application and how did they get the information.

I finally found out what application it is. The application is called “Spiking” and you can download it from the app store for iPhone and Google Play store for Android users.

If you didn’t know, Spiking is actually a homegrown app. Spiking allows investors to track the stock transactions and portfolios of investors. Interestingly, they classify investors into “Blue Whales”, Millionaires and Billionaires. Read More

InvestX Congress 2017 By The Fifth Person

It was a fruitful day for me as I attended the InvestX Congress 2017 organized by The Fifth Person. We have Rusmin Ang sharing about Portfolio Optimization, Alvin Chow from Dr Wealth sharing about ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), Tay Jun Hao about capital cycle and property counters and Victor Chng sharing about Thailand’s Medical Industry. This is not forgetting the famous and anonymous AK from ASSI (A Singaporean Stocks Investor) sharing about how to optimize your CPF (Central Provident Fund) by having the government paying for your Medishield premium for free yearly. Read More

Right Time to Buy Gold?

I have mentioned in my year end annual review (My Sweet Retirement Annual Review of 2016) that I will be keeping a lookout for gold prices in 2017, hoping to fulfill my dream of owning a gold bar. The chart above shows the price in US dollar for the PAMP Gold Bar – 100g. You can observe from the chart the price of gold has broken down from the parallel uptrend over the period from February 2017 to current July 2017.

The current price of the PAMP Gold Bar -100g is US$3,982.95. There is a 2.98% spread. The price of this gold bar is US$3,713.55 on 20th December 2016.

I am not an expert in investing in precious metal. Can investors advice if it is the right price or time to buy gold now or will it plunge further?

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