Can Kingsmen Creatives Still Hold the Fort?

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Recently, I have noticed Kingsmen Creatives share price starts to shaken, fluctuating from $0.63 to $0.595. Below are some of the notes I have taken from reading the FY2016 annual report.

Based on the financials, we can see why investors are selling or avoiding Kingsmen Creatives at this moment. There are more negative news than positive news. I have also color coded the points I think are negative in red and positive in green.

  • Kingsmen Creatives achieved a revenue of $329.7 million in 2016 as compared to $327.9 million in 2015. Net profit decreased by 9.7%.
  • Earnings per share fell by 38% from 9.71 cents in FY2015 to 6.02 cents in FY2016.
  • Annual dividends fell from 3 cents in FY2015 to 2.5 cents in FY2016. Current dividend yield is 4.2% if we based on the closing price of $0.595.
  • Kingsmen Creatives has cash and cash equivalent of 74.6 million. Kingsmen Creatives is still in strong cash position. This is a positive news as it will help the company ride through the economic downturn.
  • The new Kingsmen Creatives headquarter in Changi Business Park will be ready by second half of 2018. The tenure of the land is 30 years, expiring on 30th November 2045.
  • Main bulk of Kingsmen Creatives revenue is contributed by Exhibitions and Thematic division 45.9% and Retail and Corporate Interiors division 45.6%.

  • Operating expenses was higher for FY2016 as compared to FY2015 due to higher depreciation charge incurred on property, plant and equipment as a result of the acquisition of plant and equipment in FY2016 to support the operations of the Group.


  1. Hi. Thanks for sharing. Are you holding shares of this company? doesnt look like a good time to buy this huh

    1. Hi Steven, yes I am. Yes, it doesn’t seem like a good time to buy this due to the current economic headwinds. However with its healthy cash flow and good management, Kingsmen Creatives should be able to ride through the tide.

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