Summary of November 2018 Transactions

November is ending soon and we will be in the last month of the year 2018. There is basically no major changes to my stock portfolio as I have not sold or added new stocks to my portfolio except for the monthly routine of allocating some cash aside for Singapore Savings Bonds. As such, the percentage of Singapore Savings Bonds crept up from the previous 16% to current 17%.

As the festive season gets closer, I am expecting my expenses to crept up this month and next month due to purchase of gifts for friends and my family. I bought a Nintendo Switch during the 11.11 sale which I think is a pretty good deal at S$407 which includes one game.

Now comes to my wife’s stock portfolio. Similarly, her percentage holdings of Singapore Savings Bonds crept up 1% due to monthly routine purchase. She is also performing the DBS Multiplier Account plus Singapore Savings Bonds hack which earns her additional interest every month.

Even though most stocks and REITs in both of our stock portfolio did not achieve stellar results even though the year 2018 is ending, we are telling ourselves to keep calm. We constantly reminded ourselves that our investments are for the longer term and the dividends collected will supersede the losses incurred in the short term. We are dividend investors.

Last but not least, there are some things I need to remind myself of as next month (December) is the last month of the year.

  1. Contribute to my Supplementary Retirement Account for tax rebates.
  2. Set aside cash to top up my CPF Medisave account to the maximum. The Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS) from 1 January 2019 is $57,200 for all CPF members aged 65 years old and below in 2019. This means I have to top up S$2,700 in cash if I wish to hit the maximum allowed in 2019.

Singtel Regional Associate Earnings Fell 23 Percent in Q2FY19

I can see why Singtel’s share price has plunged as low as S$3.08 recently. According to Singtel’s latest quarter financial results, The associates’ post-tax profit contributions declined 23% mainly from
Airtel and Telkomsel in Q2FY19. The contributions from the associates were also negatively impacted by the strong Singapore Dollar. As mentioned in My Personal Analysis of Singtel48% of Singtel’s net profit comes from its Regional Associates which consists of Airtel, AIS, Telkomsel and Globe.

From the presentation slide from Singtel below, I can see that the two regional associates, Telkomsel, the indonesian Telco and India based Telco, Bharti contributed to the decline.

There was a lack of information from Singtel about its Regional Associates earnings, thus I can only rely on what I read about from other sources such as analyst review and news coverage. Read More

Sixty Nine Percent Invested Thirty One Percent Cash

The last time I checked how much have I invested versus how much cash I have on hand was almost 5 months ago which was in June 2018. At that point, I held thirty five percent cash and sixty five percent invested. As of 17 November 2018, I held 31 percent cash and my investment makes up sixty nine percent.

Knowing how much cash I have on hand is important as I know usually this is the period where the festive season is nearing and my expenses will increase due to buying Christmas presents and eating out at restaurants during family and friend gatherings. I needed to know how much extra cash I have to invest and thus to prevent over investing.

Last month, I paid in advance my daughter’s tuition fees. Recently, during the 11.11 sales, I bought myself a Nintendo Switch. This is not a necessity but I think playing it with my children will be fun and at the same time improve family bonding. One week ago, I bought a new pair of spectacles as my current spectacles are more than three years old. My eyesight have worsen. I guess this cannot be avoided as we are surrounded by electronic gadgets daily. All of the above are big expense items.

Here is a summary of the expenses.

Item Bought Amount Need or Want?
Children School Fees S$2,065 Need
New Pair of Spectacles S$645 Need
Nintendo Switch S$407 Want
Total $3,117

Next month of December is where most companies pay out their annual wage supplement or so called the “13th month”. It is also the last month for those who wanted to top up their supplementary retirement account to get tax rebates. I have not been very self discipline in topping up my supplementary retirement account this year. In fact, I have only been contributing to my supplementary retirement account these few months. I shall check how much cash I hold after getting my “13th month” wage before deciding how much further to top up my supplementary retirement account.