Sixty Five Percent Invested, Thirty Five Percent Cash

As the old saying goes, “Cash is King”. My cash on hand got a boost this month as I receive my company’s performance bonus. In the same month, I have received the payout from the sale of AusNetServices due to the sale of my share via the share sale facility. Today, I have received the notification letter from SGX with regards to the sale of my shares. My AusNetServices shares were sold at S$1.58 and I am pretty happy as the price sold was better than expected. Total gains together with dividends collected as over a hundred percent. Read More

Summary of June 2018 Transactions

There are a few changes to my stock portfolio for the month of June 2018, mainly AusNetServices, Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust and Singapore Savings Bonds.

If you are a shareholder of AusNetServices, you should have received a notification that AusNetServices is delisting from Singapore Stock Exchange. AusNetServices will still be listed on the Australian Exchange. Two options have been offered to investors which is to either opt for the share sale facility or to transfer your SGX shares to the Australian Register. I have opt for the share sale facility. Read More

My Sweet Retirement Mid Year Checkpoint 2018

Time files as half a year of precious time has gone. This year, the U.S Fed has been raising interest rates, impacting the prices of REITs. On a positive note, there are opportunities as prices of REITs dipped slightly. It is unclear whether REITs can maintain their full year DPU but we shall monitor and see over the next few quarters.

Recently, I received my performance bonus at work. I have expected a lower payout as compared to last year. This is the first year I am on the role of a manager and I am glad I did well but did not exceed the expectations of my company. As a result of lower payout, I need to be cautious in deploying my cash into stock investments. Read More