My Sweet Retirement Builds A Cryptocurrency Mining Rig

I have always been interested in cryptocurrency mining and has been researching on the internet since last year December on how to do that. Ready made mining rigs sold online are expensive (estimate 5K and above) which deter me from buying one. The other challenge was that I have never build a computer before and thus I did not know where to start from.

Recently, with the help of a friend who guided me, I built my own mining rig. The first step was to write down the shopping list on the things I need to build my own mining rig. The below cost a total of around 3K. Read More

Mapletree Commercial Trust DPU Increases For 3Q FY17/18

Mapletree Commercial Trust Logo

If you have followed my blog, you will know that I increased my stake in Mapletree Commercial Trust to 12% of my stock portfolio last year.

As Mapletree Commercial Trust has released their third quarter FY17/18 financial results recently, I am writing this post to do a quick check on overall performance. Overall, I am very pleased with their financial results especially that they have achieved a DPU growth of 0.9%. The manager reported higher revenue due to higher contribution from VivoCity and Mapletree Business City I (“MBC I”).

Here are the 3QFY17/18 financial results compared with 3QFY16/17. Read More

Free Ten Dollars Ang Bao For Car Owners

Recently, I was searching for cheap car insurance and came across this website called Budget Direct Insurance. For a limited time only (Chinese New Year 2018 Promotion), they are giving you ten dollars (S$10) for registering your vehicle details with them. You do not have to purchase anything.

I have registered and the next day, I received an email from them that I will receive my cheque in May. This is not a sponsored post nor is there any referral links. So check out their website (

I also noticed a second promotion they are offering. If your current car insurance renewal quote is lower than what they can offer, they give you S$100!

Do share on my comments below if you have any good online car insurance deals to share.