Keppel REIT DPU Decreased but Manager Management Fees Increase

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I held 7% of office REITs in my stock portfolio, mainly made up of Keppel REIT and Frasers Commercial Trust at 5% and 2% respectively.

Keppel REIT has announced its 4Q2016 financial results on 24th January 2017. A set of pretty disappointing results which reflects the weakness and headwinds in office REITs in current economy. I expect headwinds but didn’t expect results to be so bad. This is in consideration that Keppel REIT sold its 77 King Street asset at 40% profit at A$160 million. Where is the profit attributed to share holders? (Read point number 6 under Investment Risks below)

Gearing ratio as at 31st December 2016 is at 38.5%. Perhaps most of the profit from the sale of 77 King Street has been used to repay its debt.

Although the portfolio occupancy is at 99.2%, Keppel REIT achieved an average signing rent of $9.60 per square foot for its Singapore offices. This is slightly higher than the current rent of $9.10 per square foot for Grade A office rental rate. Read More