TPG Telecom is Singapore Fourth Telco

TPG Telecom, an Australian-based internet service provider has won the bid to become Singapore’s 4th Telco. The winning bid is S$105 million.

It is quite contradicting. SingTel venturing into Australian market and here in Singapore, we have TPG Telecom venturing into Singapore market. It may take a few years for TPG Telecom to gain market share in Singapore.

Walk to Earn Thirty Five Dollars

Have you heard of the National Steps Challenge? I think this may not be something new to you. On the streets, you can see people wearing a black, blue or red color band on their wrist. That is a step tracker issued by the Health Promotion Board.

I have met the Tier 1 criteria and have redeemed my $5 dollars NTUC voucher. In order to earn all the vouchers which total up to S$35 dollars, you need to earn 7200 points. The maximum points you can earn a day is 60 points.

Assuming I am able to hit 60 points every day,

(7200 – 1695)/60 = 91.75 = 92 days.

That will take me another 92 days to hit the maximum points. With the promotion ending in 28 February 2017, that is no longer possible for me to fulfill the 7200 points.