My Sweet Retirement Annual Review of 2015

Ending 2015 with a Smile

The year 2015 is ending and we are soon welcoming 2016. I came across this interesting post (The 2015 Cheerfulegg Annual Review) and decided to do one similar. It is a quick and simple way of reflecting how I spent the year 2015. The original idea came from Chris Guillebeau on his blog post (How to Conduct Your Own Annual Review).

  • What went well
  • What did not go well
  • Planning for next year

What went well

A Job Promotion

Yes! I got promoted in my job this year. More responsibilities for me ahead.

Bird Shit Bird

Took an Investment Course

I was aggressively learning about stock investing this year. I paid and signed up for a 1 day investment course that teaches me all about investing for consistent and sustainable dividend. Many methodologies out there but oh yeah, I feel that this suits me.

Birth of My Sweet


It has always been my dream to start my own website but I did not what to write about. After reading The Bf Gf Money Blog, I hesitated no more and purchased my web hosting and domain the day after. I decided to join the league of Financial Bloggers.

Four Vacations in 2015

Not so bad! In 2015 alone, I visited Bangkok, China, Hong Kong and recently had a staycation at Sentosa.

What did not go well

Failed Business Venture

Ended my joint venture with wife that sells children clothes. Many tried but failed and we are one of them. We did break even our initial investments within 6 months but it is all about the sustainability. Too much of our own labour is required to do stock ordering, stock taking and hunting for quality suppliers. Just felt it was not worth the effort spent. We have bigger dreams.

End of the Bull Run

With the China Yuan devaluation, falling oil prices and Fed rate hike, the year 2015 is a year of turbulence. My stock portfolio suffered but not too bad. There is a mixture of gains and losses. I have sold off stocks I bought due to speculation and stick decision to buy or sell after doing my personal analysis. No more buying or selling based on emotions, gut feel or broker’s tips.


I failed to take care of my health resulting myself being hospitalized in June this year. The total bill came to be a hefty amount more than 10 thousand dollars. Luckily, I have bought the rider on top of the basic medishield plan which covers most of the costs.

Planning for next year

Achieve 10K of Passive Income

Gradually move from a value investor into an income investor. I will be less focus on value stocks and more aggressive into dividend stocks.

New Business Venture

Many ideas in my head but executed none of them. I have been reading lot of books about entrepreneurship. Yes, reading helps. Love this book How 25 Good Ideas Became Great Companies.


At least 4 vacations. Taipei trip booked! Hmm, considering Tokyo, Bangkok and another stay cation.

Better Health

To start exercising again by running at least 2 times a week. I stopped exercising for 6 months since my hospitalization. Health is Wealth!

Last but not least, I wish all readers and fellow financial bloggers a Happy New Year in 2016!

PT Enso Asia beaten Boustead to win Indonesia Energy Asset


Boustead was one of my favorite stocks. Recently, Boustead announced the plan to acquire an energy asset in Indonesia. That was a piece of excellent news to me as I can see that the management is looking for ways to further expand and strengthen its businesses, given the weak crude oil prices right now which has affected its core businesses. This is how a company with excellent management like Boustead look for means and ways out of the current problem.

However, on 24th December, Boustead announced that PT Enso Asia has beaten the consortium (Boustead, One North Energy Private Limited and Lamara Energy Private Limited) to win the acquisition of Pase Production Sharing Contract (Pase PSC) in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia. Pase PSC is owned by ASX-listed  Triangle Energy (Global) Ltd.

The proposal for acquisition was announced way back on 9th November by Boustead.

What was Boustead Rational for Acquisition?

  1. Excellent opportunity to expand its Energy-Related Engineering Division.
  2. Acquisition will provide the Group with the ability to grow its recurring revenue base further
  3. The Group wanted to take the opportunity to shift into upstream ownership, production and potential development of natural gas, which is seen as the primary alternative and a cleaner fuel for power plants compared to coal.

My Thoughts on the Acquisition

The battle is not lost although Boustead did not win the acquisition. To me, it means Boustead has offered its best bid and contractual terms for Pase PSC.

Such an excellent company like Boustead will never give up trying. I look forward to new ideas from Boustead which will expand its business.

“Positioning to inject new energy”

Wong Fong Fui
Chairman & Group Chief Executive Officer

Summary of December 2015 Transactions


Earlier in the first week of December, I bought a little bit more of ST Engineering. This increases my allocation from 10 percent to 12 percent for ST Engineering.

December was a month of dividends collection. I collected dividends from Mapletree Commercial Trust, ParkwayLife REIT, Far East Hospitality Trust, Cambridge Industrial Trust, OUE Hospitality Trust and AustNet Services.

On top of dividends, I have received my partial script dividends for Cambridge Industrial Trust. The reason for partial subscription of script dividends is because I have existing odd lots and we all know that the current minimum lot size is 100. With the addition, the quantity I hold for Cambridge Industrial Trust is no longer an odd number.

The global market looks uncertain at this moment. The Fed rate hike announcement on the 17th of December did not have much impact on the global markets. The reason for the quiet market can also be due to the holiday season and everyone was away from their buy and sell activities.

Going forward, I shall be building my war chest while waiting for a clearer outlook. I will nibble at a few of the counters in my watch list if prices are right but will avoid big transactions.