Screening For Dividend Stocks Using Stocks Cafe Stock Screener

With my recent post on the FSMOne stock screener I found (Read more: Screening For Dividend Stocks Using The FSMOne Stock Screener ), one of my readers recommended me to take a look at Stocks Cafe’s stock screener. I mainly use Stocks Cafe to track the dividends for the stocks in my portfolio. I decided to try out Stocks Cafe’s stock screener to compare how it fares against the FSMOne stock screener.

Similar to the criterias I used previously, here are the same conditions that I have set up to screen for dividend stocks. Read More

Screening For Dividend Stocks Using The FSMOne Stock Screener

How do you usually identify stocks to buy? One of the method I use is via a stock screener. With the death of Google finance stock screener, I couldn’t find a good decent one and of course for free! Recently, I found an excellent stock screen at Fundsupermart (FSMOne) website that fit my needs. The user interface is clean, sleek, easy to use and most important of all, it has all the basic criterias that I can set and filter.

Below are the basic criteria that you can do set with the Fundsupermart stock screener. Read More

Opportunity in Brexit Crisis

Opportunity Crisis

Stocks are generally classified into small cap, mid map and large cap. Market capitalization (“cap”) is the total value of the issued shares of a publicly traded company. This is also equal to the share price times the number of shares outstanding.

Category Market Capitalization
Large Cap Over $5 billion
Mid Cap Below $5 billion and above $1 billion
Small Cap Below $1 billion

With the recent “Brexit”, I have done a screening on the large cap stocks using Google Finance Stock Screener. Large Cap stocks are mainly know as “Blue Chips” and if opportunity arise, it is a good chance to accumulate them for stable dividend yield in the long term.

The criteria I input into Google Finance Stock Screener are market capitalization above $5 billion with above 4% dividend yield.

Stock Market Capitalization Dividend Yield 52w Price Change (%)
Singapore Telecommunications Limited 66.01B 4.23 (2.59)
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. Limited 36.70B 4.11 (13.79)
Singapore Airlines Ltd 12.84B 4.21 (2.28)
Keppel Corporation Limited 10.02B 6.17 (32.89)
Singapore Exchange Limited 8.19B 4.06 (5.45)
Capitaland Mall Trust 7.69B 4.32 2.36
Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust 6.58B 5.21 2.18
StarHub Ltd 6.55B 5.29 (3.57)

This blog post is not a buy recommendation for the above stocks. Further analysis should be done before buying.