The Path to Financial Freedom

Ice Berg

How do you define your success? Is it getting a promotion at your job or having enough passive income to declare you are working for leisure only? Regardless of which, there are many underlying hard work that most people do not see.

For us, the financial bloggers, there is a lot of underlying hard work and dedication to achieve our own determined success. We have to spend lots of time reading and analyzing annual reports of companies, catching up with financial news and sharing our research on our blogs with readers.

To sustain readership, we have to maintain a good habit of blogging consistently. We also have to make sure what we publish is as accurate as possible. How many of us can withstand the journey?

There can be disappointments whereby sometimes the price of your stock recommendation fell by 10 percent the next day.

Financial bloggers also sacrifice our personal time to write and share our stock analysis with readers. Most of us do not get paid to do this.

There can be failures. I seen a financial blogger who vanish from the internet space after he blogged about selling his 4 room HDB and using all the money to invest in stocks.

It takes a lot of persistence to come this way far. For me, I define success as the day where I never have to work and live off passive income.

How do you define your success?

Kingsmen Creatives New Group Chief Executive Officer

Mr Andrew Cheng

After writing this post (My Personal Analysis of Kingsmen Creatives), I received notification in my mail box with regards to some changes in Kingsmen Creatives management.

Kingsmen Creatives was established in 1976 by Mr Benedict Soh and Mr Simon Ong. Co-founder Mr Simon Ong has relinquish his position as CEO and Group Managing Director, and will assume the position of Deputy Chairman with effect from 1st July 2016.

Mr Andrew Cheng, Group Chief Operating Officer will be promoted to Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

“We are delighted to have reached this milestone. With the support of all stakeholders we have managed to weather the many storms and challenges along the way. One of the reasons why we are where we are today is largely due to our tireless focus on delivering quality, service and value to our clients. This is only possible by ensuring that we have good people, nurture and develop them to the best of their abilities to serve our global clients”, commented Mr. Benedict Soh, Chairman of Kingsmen.

Summary of March 2016 Transactions


In the month of March, the stock market has recovered slightly and most stocks have rallied. As such, I have decided to stay clear of the current stock market to build on my war chest while waiting for the next opportunity.

I have performed no trades in the month of March except for subscribing to OUE Hospitality Trust rights issue. OUE Hospitality Trust rights issue came as a surprise and as share prices will usually fall after rights issuance, I have decided to subscribe to the rights and also applied for excess rights.

There are some stocks that I am interested in and thus I am trying to find time to do my personal analysis before jumping in. They are Kingsmen Creatives, Thai Beverage and ARA Asset Management.

If you notice my stock portfolio, I have removed TVB from the chart. I have decided to keep track of my Hong Kong stock portfolio separately. The reason is because of foreign exchange fluctuations and personally I think it is easier to track the value separately.