Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer for Cambridge Industrial Trust Quits


Today, on 15th January 2016, Cambridge Industrial Trust announces the resignation of Mr David Mason who is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer for Cambridge Industrial Trust. He will remain in the company until April 2016 to facilitate a smooth transition.

The above news came sudden, a day after Cambridge Industrial Trust announces a fall in DPU (Cambridge Industrial Trust DPU Fall for 4QFY15). The news may or may not cause further fall in current closing share price of S$0.53, depending on investor’s confidence.

Cambridge Industrial Trust is currently, facing headwinds caused by vacancies and earnings weakness arising from property conversions from single-tenanted to multi-tenanted.

Cambridge Industrial Trust DPU Fall for 4QFY15

Cambridge Industrial Trust Logo

Cambridge Industrial Trust announces its results for 4QFY15 on 14th January 2016. DPU fell 9% to 1.139 cents as compared to 1.252 cents the same period last year. This brought the full year DPU for year 2015 to 4.793 cents which is a fall of 4.2% as compared to 5.004 cents in year 2014.

Enough of the bad news, there are some good points about Cambridge Industrial Trust. Cambridge Industrial Trust achieves positive rental reversion of 9.1%. It also have a well-staggered debt maturity profile with 97.4% of interest rates fixed for the next 3 years and thus further Fed rate hikes will have minimal impact on Cambridge Industrial Trust. Read More

Chinese New Year 2016 Fixed Deposit Promotions

Fixed Deposit CNY 2016

Chinese New Year 2016 is approaching soon. Every year this time, banks will offer promotional fixed deposit rates.

Last year, I placed my money with POSB for 12 months at a promotional interest rate of 1.88 percent. I also got the S$88 lucky Ang Bao (“red packet”) that was offered for the first 10,000 customers.

Personally, I felt that the promotional interest rates this year was not fantastic and in fact, most banks are offering lower interest rates as compared to last year. If you compare it with the Singapore Savings Bonds, the interest rate look even worst.

February Singapore Savings Bonds offer an interest rate of 2.5% over 10 years with no lock in period. However, we know there are many factors to consider besides the interest rate. For example, you need to compare against the holding period between a bond and fixed deposit. Below is the summary of the promotions I found. Read More