How to Open a Coinbase Account

Cryptocurrency has been the latest talk in town. Recently, I have been reading up on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. There are many news how Bitcoin soar pass 18K and higher. Typing “1 BTC to SGD” gives you the above exchange rate. 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to SGD$19,249.98.

I was wondering how we can purchase them in Singapore. After googling, I found an exchange called Coinbase that lets you buy and sell cryptocurrency.

I also found out there are also other financial bloggers that uses Coinbase and I decided to try open an account. Read More

My Total Dividends Collected For 2017

Time flies and we are in the last month of the year 2017. I am not expecting anymore companies in my stock portfolio announcing dividend payout. This year, the total dividends I have collected is S$7,350.31. This was a 27.5% decrease in dividend collected as compared to the year 2016 where I reap a total of S$10,132.04 in dividends. The reason for the decline was a lack of special dividends payout in some stocks I held and also declining distribution per unit (“DPU”) for the REITs I am holding. Read More